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The Preserve Journal #09


Dedicated to the exploration of a more sustainable food culture

Issue no 9 contains 130 pages printed on FSC certified and recycled paper. Our magazines are published completely independently without advertisements or corporate investments. The Preserve Journal is, therefore, run free of any restraining commercial considerations and interests.⁠   

The Preserve Journal presents you with a broad range of perspectives from an ever-growing group of global authors and contributors- each of them with a wealth of knowledge, rich experiences, and insights to share. 

The content for each issue is being collected throughout the year and often follows the change of the seasons. However, while the seasons provide a visual frame for each issue we share content that remains relevant and important across the seasons and years. By doing so we hope to invite our readers to revisit past issues and find continuous inspiration.

Join us in an unfolding dialogue of what a sustainable, transparent, and resilient food culture might look, feel, and taste like.

Contents — Issue no 9

Reflections from a Cherished Guest: Storytelling as soft activism
Words by Mathilde Morin

Fieldnotes from The Preserve Journal office: On How to Relate to Landscapes
Words by Michelle S. Sørensen

Pastry (and so much more) in San Cristobal, Galapagos
Words and illustrations by Marie Kerkeling

The Gift: Collaboration, reciprocity and seed activism
Words by Rachel Maria Taylor, photography by Jody Daunton

Choices, Compromises, and Counter-culturalists: Ideals and Practice in the Back-to-the-land Movement in the US, 1965-1975
Words by Ailish Lalor, illustrations by Anna Lorenz

Return to Ritual: A call for a radical shift in the way we perceive time
Words by Will Dorman, illustration by Regina Idiartegaray

A Bite Sized Guide to Queering Consumption
Words and photography by Barney Pau

Seaweed from Brittany, France: an interview with Tiphaine Perron
Words and photography by Elodie Villalon

Looking back, looking forward: Chef Nak’s quest to save and share Cambodia’s cooking
Words by Kristofer Phan Coffman, artwork by Marta Claret

Fermented foods: A (still) invisible microbial revolution
Words by José Guilherme Prado Martin, illustrations by Anna Lorenz

In conversation with Merlin Labron-Johnson from Osip Restaurant, Somerset UK
Interview by The Preserve Journal team, photography by Maureen Evans

The Missing Link: Can Animal husbandry and meat consumption contribute to climate mitigation and land regeneration?
Words by Jesse Buratti-Donham, illustrations by Nanni Gabrielle

A Plate of One’s Own
Words and photography by April Rose Jackson

Is this burek?
Words by Marianne Camille Srebrenka Cvitković, illustrations by Tessa Curran

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