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All The Stuff We Cooked – THIRD EDITION


44 recipes by Frederik Bille Brahe. Illustrated by Masanao Hirayama. Third Edition.

44 recipes by Frederik Bille Brahe. Illustrated by Masanao Hirayama

Welcome to the updated edition of Frederik Bille Brahe’s sold-out first cookbook, All the Stuff We Cooked, born of that strange moment when we all learned what it was to go into lockdown for the first time, away from the communal moments of everyday life, and with a new perspective on what the days would hold.

All the Stuff We Cooked is Frederik Bille Brahe’s first cookbook. It features 44 recipes for simple but thoughtful dishes, some are staples from his internationally renowned Copenhagen restaurants, others are personal favorites that he cooks at home for his family. It is a cookbook born of a strange time, one in which the world took a collective deep breath and went into an unprecedented lockdown.

Together, from the confines of our respective homes, we came up with the idea of publishing this book in the same spirit of simplicity and integrity that we find in Frederik’s cooking. The natural next step was to invite Japanese artist Masanao Hirayama to add his unassuming linework to the project, alongside Frederik’s photos.

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