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The Preserve Journal #6


Dedicated to the exploration of a more sustainable, resilient, and responsible food culture.

The Preserve Journal presents you with a broad range of perspectives from an ever-growing group of global authors and contributors- each of them with a wealth of knowledge, rich experiences, and insights to share. 

The content for each issue is being collected throughout the year and often follows the change of the seasons. However, while the seasons provide a visual frame for each issue we share content that remains relevant and important across the seasons and years. By doing so we hope to invite our readers to revisit past issues and find continuous inspiration.

Join us in an unfolding dialogue of what a sustainable, transparent, and resilient food culture might look, feel, and taste like.

Contents — Issue no 6

Editor’s note 
by Meg Yarcia

Man and the Sea
Text by Robin van den Maagdenberg, photos by Pien Neve

Know your grain:
In conversation with Jørn Ussing Larsen
Text and photos by Anne Aziliz Texier

Decolonizing Nature and Radical Futurisms:
In Conversation with Professor TJ Demos
Text by Will Dorman, photos by Anne-Sophie Guillet

Eating the future:
In conversation with food designer Katinka Versendaal
Text by L. Sasha Gora, photos by Ruud Scheerens and Katinka Versendaal

The other wine
Text by Lis Cereja, illustrations by Kaitlin Mechan

Tomato Grace, Tomato Gusto
Text by Kathe Kaczmarzyk, illustrations by Esme MacIntyre

On writing food culture
Text by Tanita de Ruijt, illustrations by Marie Døssing

The beginning of everything
Text by Andrea Pera Serrano, illustrations by Marisa Zürcher

A cup of Coffee for Camus
Text by Kristofer Coffman, photos by Pauline Gouablin

The tidal garden
Text by Lorenzo Barbasetti di Prun, photos by Camilla Glorioso

Intergenerational friendships:
a reflection on beetles and ecosystems
Text by Jesse Donham, illustrations by Marie Døssing

Heathland living as integrated landscaping
Text and photos by Mette Løvschal & Emmy Laura Perez Fjalland

Herb it here first
Text by Imogen Smith, photos by Adrianna Glaviano

Little co-steps towards a better food system – the case of Portugal
Text by Teresa Justo, illustration by Paulo Mariz

The pandemic:
Learning our food system’s lessons the hard way
Text by Mark Winne, illustration by Meirav Israeli

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