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Odiseo #7


“The truth” by Folch Studio

Odiseo offers a sophisticated take on erotica, redefining the confines of traditional erotic publishing by balancing philosophical texts and essays with images that lie in between art and erotica. Odiseo Vol. 7 is dedicated to the notion of Truth.

The triptych of covers by Juan Hernández open the issue. Paul Jung, depicts human body as if it was a surreal landscape; the young German photographer Bennie Julian Gay offers seductive sights and gestures with glimpses of fashion; Maud Rémy-Lonvis portraits her personal muse in a set of pictures that, while keeping her studio photography styling, reveals the intimacy between the two as Maud appears in some pictures, self-portrayed. Regarding the text, writer Eugenia Lapteva interviews the famous French mathematician Cédric Villani. The interview revolves around a quest for Truth. Alongside with Hans Frederik Jacobsen’s essay on Zeteticism, Fiktion contributes to the issue with two brilliant pieces, parts of the book Concentration: Ingo Niermann introduces the book in the text Literature and Concentration, followed by a fictional text by American artist Amy Patton: a fragmented work, almost a pre-screenplay.
“The body, central axis of erotism. The construction of the image goes far beyond the search for perfection, digging into the condition of bodies as powerful visual substances: their power is not only sexual as it involves a body that ventures into finding itself no matter its gender, turning into a way of exploring the diverse faces of the human condition.” Juan Hernández, Photographer

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