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Minchō #8



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As a result of the profound impact which the 60’s psychedelic movement has had on illustration and graphic design for decades, the artists which appear in Minchō #8 challenge us to have a deeper artistic experience through pieces in which colours are more intense, shapes change and there is an overload of information and detail.

Also highlighted in this issue is the idea of looking back in order to acknowledge the past: in this way, Jack Kirby, Miguel Calatayud and John Alcorn pass on the baton to a new generation including inspiring artists like Micah Lidberg (cover artist), Dogboy, Will Sweeney, Hideyuki Katsumata, Chad VanGaalen, Jon Fox and a selection of album cover designers.

Minchō, a three-month magazine released with the aim of spreading the latest trends in illustration and to promote the personal projects of those artists lying behind the masterpieces of animated cinema, comic, poster art, typography, video games, children’s books… and who have created the most significant icons of our time.

Minchō is an exchange of glances between critics and artists about the brief but intense history of contemporary graphic expression.

We love the papery smell of a good book or a sleek magazine and that’s why we want to give you access to this world we’re passionate for in a superb print edition.

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