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Flowers, a colouring book by Felix Rank


A colouring book by Felix Rank

Felix Rank (b.1987) is a graphic designer and artist, living and working in Berlin. He is one of the three founders of Bouche, where he is responsible for conveying the company’s vibe in simple, colourful shapes.

Felix Rank current work deals with the incomprehensibility of interpersonal relationships. Relationships are vastly intertwined, fragile, awkward and their inherent changeability goes hand in hand with the desire for stability and permanence. For him, bookends and flowers reflect these ambivalent connections: in books we collect ideas that we want to keep and preserve. Bookends stabilise these fixed systems. Even flowers are supposed to collect and preserve: in them, we freeze our moments. And we collect and preserve flowers ourselves as we classify them and assign them to both botanical data and social codes. However, flowers die. The changeability of their organic forms in constant movement refers to intangible, indeterminable processes. Mundane everyday objects such as flowers and bookends illustrate the attempt to capture the transformation that characterises relationships.

a colouring book published on the occasion of FLOWERS, an
exhibition of ceramics by Felix Rank, held at Apartamento Berlin
in collaboration with Bouche.

First edition, October 2022

Dimensions: 190 x 265 mm
Binding: softcover, staple
Pages: 20

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