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The Preserve Journal #10


An independent print publication dedicated to the exploration of a more sustainable, responsible, and resilient food culture.

Issue no 10 contains 130 pages printed on FSC certified and recycled paper. Our magazines are published completely independently without advertisements or corporate investments. The Preserve Journal is, therefore, run free of any restraining commercial considerations and interests.⁠  

The Preserve Journal presents you with a broad range of perspectives from an ever-growing group of global authors and contributors- each of them with a wealth of knowledge, rich experiences, and insights to share.

The content for each issue is being collected throughout the year and often follows the change of the seasons. However, while the seasons provide a visual frame for each issue we share content that remains relevant and important across the seasons and years. By doing so we hope to invite our readers to revisit past issues and find continuous inspiration.

Join us in an unfolding dialogue of what a sustainable, transparent, and resilient food culture might look, feel, and taste like.

Contents — Issue no 10

Editor’s Note
Words by Helene Schulze

Fieldnotes from The Preserve Journal office
Words by Regina Idiartegaray, Lead Designer & Art Director at TPJ

‘Unnatural Nature: A queer walk through the woods
Words by Barney Pau, photography by Hannah Morgan

The wondrous tales of Widar, alphabetically told
Words by Hadas Cnaani, photography by Mieke Verbijlen

Water Bodies: Navigating hydrofeminism in Morocco
Words by Kenza Benabderrazik, photography by Marine Billet

Expresión Orgánica: In Conversation with Nury Marandet
Words and photography by Regina Idiartegaray

A ‘wonderful council of beings’: Farming as an experiment in gastronomic co-existence
Words by Kelly Donati, illustrations by Khloe Baker

The Path to Remembrance: A Sommelier’s deep dive into Sake. An interview with Masaru Terada
Words by Dominic Ashby, photography by Yoshie Itasaka

If molds could talk: The story of a fungus
Words Sara Vande Velde, illustrations by Bennie Finn

Preserving a Cuisine, Preserving a Culture: Yaxunah’s Mayan Art of Cooking
Words by Louise van Benschop, photography by Eva Verbeeck

Eat to Live: Agroecological Farming on the Galapagos Islands
Words and photography by Katie McElearney

Ragusano: Ecologies of Raw Milk Cheese
Words and photography by Trevor Warmedahl

Decolonizing Pastry: A personal essay
Words by Taylor Early, illustrations by Taylor Early & Regina Idiartegaray

Cover photo by Bela Mora Real

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