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The Preserve Journal #3


Dedicated to the exploration of a more sustainable, resilient, and responsible food culture.


Issue no 3 contains 128 pages printed on FSC certified and recycled paper. Our magazines are published completely independently without advertisements or corporate investments. The Preserve Journal is, therefore, run free of any restraining commercial considerations and interests.⁠  

The Preserve Journal presents you with a broad range of perspectives from an ever-growing group of global authors and contributors- each of them with a wealth of knowledge, rich experiences, and insights to share.

The content for each issue is being collected throughout the year and often follows the change of the seasons. However, while the seasons provide a visual frame for each issue we share content that remains relevant and important across the seasons and years. By doing so we hope to invite our readers to revisit past issues and find continuous inspiration.

Join us in an unfolding dialogue of what a sustainable, transparent, and resilient food culture might look, feel, and taste like.


Nostalgia is best served sweet: Tasting Yugoslavia’s past through desserts by Jovana Djak

We are where we eat by Beatrice Azzolina

The fermented flavor by Maria Jimena Ricatti

Promoting food preservation and food security at a Toronto co-op by James Partanen

The responsible restaurant: Mrizi i Zanave, Interview with Altin Prenga by Jovana Djak

Discovering local ecosystems. How an ancient, threatened fish helped me love my ecosystem by Gilbert Randolph

A thousand tropics in an apple blossom by Mark Winne

Advice from ancient Rome: Principles for responsible consumption from Cato, Varro and, Columella by Kristofer Coffman

When people look at stars, they tend to whisper – a short story about my mother and me by Kathe Kaczmarzyk

From seed to cafeteria: Farm to school initiatives in Augusta, Georgia (U.S.) by Debbi Wolfarth

The Microbiologist vol III, The perfect factory by Ane Brødsgaard

Three game-changing crops and how to cook them by Lucy Start & Mike Keen

In conversation with Johnny Drain: Technology’s integral role in forging a more sustainable future on planet Earth by Will Dorman

Celebrating darkness by Emmy Laura Perez Fjalland

Notes from the margins: Fighting for food sustainability in the Philippines by Margaret Yarcia

Food. Farming. Freedom: The conversation we need in the Third World by Agathe Canape

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