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Odiseo is a publication for adult entertainment by Folch Studio. It includes a selection of photographic stories with an erotic point of view, accompanied by cutting-edge ideas by contemporary thinkers.

Volume 4 include a vision of femininity by Raquel and Alex Franco, Philippa Snow delves into the influence of the male gaze on the art market in The Objects of Art and Desire. Ogènda ter Haar in a series of photographs by Olya Oleinic. Eugenia Lapteva and Emmanuel Levinas’ view on ethical love -Between you and me: On Love, Ethics, and Poetics. Jonathan Schofield creates a new, abstract narrative out of found material in boy Meets Girl (variations) Marta Jankovska explores the shift of value from the tangible to the experiential in The People Stocks. The second instalment of the Archive presents Allen Jones controversial furniture/art objects. Scattered throughout the publication are still frames from Zeitguised’s sim/stim, a series of videos made on the occasion of the launch of Volume 4

Hardcover. 110 pages

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