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With his series of books on cities and countries, the Czech illustrator Miroslav Sasek became a point of reference, fuelling curiosity in a period in which travelling was at the reach of very few people. But, our perception of the city has changed greatly since the late 1950s.

Our cover artist, the architect and artist Luis Úrculo, makes the walk a new possibility of getting below the dermis of cities, seen as providers of materials and contents for artistic creation.

Minchō #12 is a journey with stops, yet fluent, to the architecture and its peripheries, featuring illustrators like Lotta Nieminen or Roxane Lumeret, among others, animated films that connect with the dynamic and continuous vision unique to architecture, artists like Martín Vitaliti and Richard McGuire who take the comic to a three-dimensional and sculptural expanded field, a series of comics with the city of Madrid as protagonist or an interview with the street art collective Boa Mistura. New models of representation for a contemporary city we aspire it to be closer to a hybrid, mixed and less generic reality.

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