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Hello Mr. #1


About men who date men.


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It’s a truth universally acknowledged that gays are quick to jump into relationships. The conventions of courting a potential partner are thrown out the window the minute you find someone that ticks enough boxes and pays attention to you. And if he stays long enough to cuddle, then skip ahead five places and add a baby peg to the backseat of your plastic car. What’s worse is oftentimes your optimism overrides discretion as you share this with everyone you know. But you don’t care. What you’re feeling is incredible and everyone who cares about you should know. You could say the same for our journey with the first issue of Hello Mr. In our inaugural publication, we hear from both HIV activist (and cover mister) Nic Holas, and the team behind The Outs on what it means to put yourself out there. We also chat with Kevin Truong, creator of “The Gay Men Project,” on what it means to feel comfortable in your own skin. Our contributors kept going back to the theme of “potential.” They, like us, hope to project a certain potential in order to gain reassurance from people that they trust. A simple exercise in vulnerability, also experienced by launching this magazine.

More than a magazine, Hello Mr. is a community of like-minded individuals. The introduction to a new conversation. From 2012 to 2018, it amplified the voices of emerging and established artists, writers, and photographers who helped shape the change in LGBTQ media by championing more inclusive representation of queer people. Each of the ten issues reflects a range of experiences in a neatly-curated museum, carefully built to exhibit the stories of gay and queer men during its respective time of publication. From the start, Hello Mr. was a space to understand one another better through a deeper understanding of ourselves. But it became something bigger. Together, we built a platform to showcase unheard queer stories on a global stage.

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