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A magazine about food and its peripheries.


Spam, Oversharing over eating, The internet made me famous!, Bureau of Home Economics, The internet of food, trapperware, @Encarni19691, Generation Tasty, MOFAD, #Saddesklunch. Cover artwork by Anne Roig and Cristina Ramos. Graphic design by Cordova–Canillas. Edited by Eduardo García Llamas and Maria Arranz.

Contributors: Abraham Rivera, Ainhoa Rebolledo, Anne Roig, Andrea Gómez, Carlos Román Alcaide, Cristina Ramos, David Linares, Exrchitects, Irena Calvo, Jayde Perkin, Kiwi Bravo, Llibert Figueras, Luis Mazón, Marta Bausells.

English and Spanish text.

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